The Spring Kissed…

The spring gently kissing the Grove, and the new Green sprang like a cloud of green smoke.  Clouds passing over the field of youth … I saw the shivering the cool rains of April.  Under the flowering almond trees, all loaded with flower-remember, I cursed my youth without love.  Today in Middle life, I stopped to meditate … Youth never lived, that was going to dream!

If you happen to forget about me

I want you to know one thing.  You know how is this: when I look at the Moon in glass, the branch of the Red of the slow autumn at my window, as I do with fire in powder form as or the crumpled body of fire play, all lead me to you, as if everything that exists, fragrances, light metals, small boats that sail to the islands of yours that I am waiting for.
time well, as little by little you stop loving me stop loving you little by little.  If suddenly you forget me do not look for me, you will have already forgotten.  Consider as long and crazy wind flags that passes through my life and want let me on the banks of the heart that I have roots, thinks that on that day, at that time will I raise arms and my roots come looking for another country.  But if every day, every hour you feel like me are targeted with unrelenting sweetness. As each day throws a flower to your lips to search me, my love, Oh Oh mine, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is switched off or forgotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved, and while living in your arms without me.

Age is just a number 

I don’t believe in age. Ojosun, the viejosllevanen of the child and the older observancomo vecesnos deep ninosa. Kilometroso Mediremosla vidapor metres or months? So since you are born? Andarhasta quecomo todosen Cuantodebes time of walk by encimadescansemos, under the Earth? The man, mujerque consumaronacciones, goodness, strength, anger, love, tenderness, that verdaderamentevivosflorecierony in their nature cannot move USLA medidadel timethat matured, this time another thing, a mantomineral, a aveplanetaria, a flower, another thing this time, but not a measure. Time, metal bird, florde extiendetea, long-stalked the long men, hidden florecelosy lavalosconaguaabiertao Sun. Escalapuracon peldanosde to proclamocaminoy no Groove, air, sinceramenterenovadopor longitudinalesprimaveras costume. Now, time, you roll it up, you deposit in your fish of the pescarcon I will micaja silvestrey largolos of the aurora wool!

America Love

Earlier that peluc well jackets said the rivers, rivers arteriales: said of the ranges, in whose undulation threadbare the condor or snow seem make nonmoving: was the halumigmig well bush,thundering without salto yet, of the pampas planetarias. Man earth was, crock, eyelid of earthen tremulous, way of clay, was pitcher carribean, flint chibcha, stoup imperial or silicon araucana.Tenderest well bloody was, other in the pommel its weapon of glasses moistened, of the initial from earth was escritas. No–one was able make recordarlas wake: windy of the forgot, the languageof water was burried, of the keying had was lost or had was inundaron of silently or gore. No come on lost lifetime, surodenci pastorales. Other will like too rosett untamed slumped one ptosispepsi in the bush well the was extinguished too light bulb unmetalled. I m here make tell the story. The from peace of buffalo was of the azotadas sands from earth outcome, in the foamsacumuladas from daylight antartic, well order since of the burrows despeñadas from grim paix venezuelan, thee find, fathe mine, young lass warrior of darkness well copper, oh direc, plantwedding, hair untamed, mothe cayman, metálica pigeon. Self, incásico of slime, touched the tartar well dije: Whom i expected? Well pressed the manually over handful of glasses invalidate. Otherwill went living scream zapotecas well sweety was make out the tube like a deer‘, well was make shadow like a eyelid vert. Earth benimi without salto, without American, stamen equator, spear ofpurpura, you too flavorings with in clambered order since of the roots was the stoup which drinking, was the you too more thin word yet non nativity me jaws.

And Then I Met you

Where thought i no longer they’d Holds for you love, Where thought that delusions had was desangraban in the currently which died hope with well the bury about the remember… Was becausewhere apareciste direc, where despertaste me dreams sleeping, bathing with skeleton of new fancies well gaming never vividos. Came irrumpiendo me living, desestabilizando thrillsdesestructurando
me thought derribando the housing me lifeblood. I’m transition make play with for you i’m transition make love tardy, despertando the wildfire of your offal stroking complehidden holds your skeleton which never possess acariciado. Kissing tunes which emanan of your lips create castles of passion indestructable, of eternal love… Dunno which you that humantenderest which coats me fears, dunno which living you too with well there‘s no no–one just exists the future from one brand new reasons. You too if it’s unwilling make tradition you too if isunwilling make σ ‘love no detengas, you too today thee i’m me.

Your Mysteries

Gimme what save you our draw with in the peel your handed, take me with you and make date the universe of your eyes well discovering the mysteries your heart… Hug me with the your life blood, borrows with manually well go make look ours destination. Lets ask God since us lead you find the love in every make one. Which the possess time detenga its trimswhere look your eyes well kissed your lips, that star iluminen you too beautifulness well purity your lifeblood. Which too simgle ptosis of rainfall we are permita evaluate currently that the we aresamen. Gimme you too smi, the order him a brand new east me da, gimme you too joie, the order stamp out monotone of me lifetime, gimme you too vocals, the order smother the silently,lifeblood benimi. Lifeblood benimi gimme you too living, make live every day have you attendance, well thanks make God its existance about the lifeblood yours… Living benimi.